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Mining Capital
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Name Market Market Cap Share Price Daily Share Movement
Endevour-mining.jpg Endeavour Mining TSX £1,345.48m £12.36 -1.59% ico_glass.png
largo.png Largo Resources Ltd TSX £891.32m £1.70 0.35% ico_glass.png
1528410790_resolute[LOGO].jpg Resolute Mining Ltd ASX £483.68m £0.64 -1.30% ico_glass.png
Bushveld-logo.png Bushveld Minerals Limited LSE £453.22m £0.41 -0.61% ico_glass.png
Gold-Road.png Gold Road Resources Ltd ASX £326.84m £0.37 2.31% ico_glass.png
klondex.png Klondex Mines Ltd TSX £324.48m £1.80 1.32% ico_glass.png
1525775258_Maverix.png Maverix Metals Inc TSX-V £296.93m £1.41 -2.04% ico_glass.png
Tharisa.jpg Tharisa plc LSE £273.02m £1.04 0.00% ico_glass.png
au_perseus.jpg Perseus Mining Ltd ASX £231.84m £0.22 1.27% ico_glass.png
Anglo.png Anglo Pacific Group PLC ISE £225.65m £1.24 -23.74% ico_glass.png
energy_fuels.png Energy Fuels Inc. TSX £202.37m £2.22 -3.81% ico_glass.png
gold-resource-corp.png Gold Resource Corporation NYSEMKT £192.48m £3.33 -0.46% ico_glass.png
1536832568_2018-09-13_1044.png Afarak Group PLC LSE £188.64m £0.73 0.00% ico_glass.png
paf.gif Pan African Resources plc AIM £178.37m £0.09 1.09% ico_glass.png
base-res-logo.jpg Base Resources AIM £157.49m £0.14 0.00% ico_glass.png
1542066158_inr[LOGO].jpg ioneer Ltd ASX £152.32m £0.10 -2.63% ico_glass.png
au_panoramic.jpg Panoramic Resources Ltd ASX £124.65m £0.25 0.00% ico_glass.png
Metro-Mining---200x100.jpg Metro Mining Ltd ASX £124.05m £0.09 3.23% ico_glass.png
1533092104_Bellevue-logo.jpg Bellevue Gold Ltd ASX £123.64m £0.27 2.08% ico_glass.png
1539343198_RNC.png RNC Minerals TSX £122.74m £0.28 3.26% ico_glass.png
Pantoro---200x100.jpg Pantoro Ltd ASX £117.83m £0.14 2.08% ico_glass.png
BLUEJAY.png BlueJay Mining PLC AIM £115.81m £0.14 -2.33% ico_glass.png
1527602003_chaarat-(002).png Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd AIM £115.59m £0.29 6.36% ico_glass.png
1525288107_DRD-LIMITED_RGB.JPG DRDGOLD Limited NYSE £114.77m £1.65 0.95% ico_glass.png
Excelsior_Logo_RGB_large.gif Excelsior Mining Corp TSX £112.81m £0.48 0.00% ico_glass.png
dnk[LOGO]200x100.jpg Danakali Ltd ASX £105.15m £0.40 0.71% ico_glass.png
puregoldmining.png Pure Gold Mining TSX-V £103.74m £0.40 -1.43% ico_glass.png
anglo-asian-mining-logo.png Anglo Asian Mining PLC ISE £100.09m £0.88 1.16% ico_glass.png
Cardinal.png Cardinal Resources Ltd ASX £79.92m £0.21 0.00% ico_glass.png
Argosy-minerals-logo-200.png Argosy Minerals Ltd ASX £75.00m £0.08 3.57% ico_glass.png
greatland-gold-logo-2.png Greatland Gold PLC AIM £72.09m £0.02 4.68% ico_glass.png
1542916116_Bonterra.png Bonterra Resources TSX-V £69.37m £1.51 -3.37% ico_glass.png
Lydian-Idternational.png Lydian International Ltd. TSX £68.69m £0.09 -3.13% ico_glass.png
Neometals---200x100.jpg Neometals Ltd ASX £68.55m £0.13 -2.17% ico_glass.png
1535492617_Millennial-Lithium-logo.jpg Millennial Lithium TSX-V £67.36m £0.82 -1.41% ico_glass.png
Kore-Potash-200.png Kore Potash ISE £65.86m £0.08 0.00% ico_glass.png
Australian-Mines.png Australian Mines Ltd ASX £61.65m £0.02 5.41% ico_glass.png
2017-01-18_1133.png Ironridge Resources Ltd AIM £59.48m £0.19 2.67% ico_glass.png
1511356576_NL_logo_presentationFAT.fw.png Neo Lithium Corp TSX-V £56.51m £0.48 3.80% ico_glass.png
1530787066_SR_Logo.png SigmaRoc AIM £54.96m £0.40 0.00% ico_glass.png

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