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Mining Capital
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Name Market Market Cap Share Price Daily Share Movement
1521558451_kazera.jpg Kazera Global PLC AIM £4.88m £0.02 -6.17% ico_glass.png
1520846759_CM_logo_cropped.jpg Connemara Mining AIM £1.59m £0.01 -4.92% ico_glass.png
ormonde_shadow.gif Ormonde Mining plc AIM £20.37m £0.04 -10.19% ico_glass.png
strategic-logo.png Strategic Minerals PLC AIM £22.14m £0.02 -1.54% ico_glass.png
Bezant-logo.png Bezant Resources PLC AIM £1.50m £0.00 25.00% ico_glass.png
1516286024_ABM.png African Battery Metals AIM £1.84m £0.01 0.00% ico_glass.png
Landore-ogo.png Landore Resources Ltd. AIM £10.72m £0.01 1.37% ico_glass.png
scotgold.png Scotgold Resources AIM £17.75m £0.39 2.34% ico_glass.png
Richalnd_Resources.png Richland Resources Ltd AIM £0.71m £0.00 4.17% ico_glass.png
greatland-gold-logo-2.png Greatland Gold PLC AIM £72.09m £0.02 4.68% ico_glass.png
1504179257_TERT.png Tertiary Minerals plc AIM £1.20m £0.00 2.77% ico_glass.png
bluerock-logo.png Bluerock Diamonds Plc AIM £1.55m £0.00 0.00% ico_glass.png
pam_logo.png Premier African Minerals Ltd AIM £6.64m £0.00 -5.68% ico_glass.png
1547483533_logo_2018_large.png Horizonte Minerals PLC AIM £32.52m £0.02 -2.16% ico_glass.png
1515756699_Arc_Minerals_logo.png Arc Minerals Limited AIM £17.23m £0.03 -2.68% ico_glass.png
metal-tiger-logo-2.png Metal Tiger AIM £16.87m £0.01 -5.66% ico_glass.png
orosur_rot.gif Orosur Mining Inc AIM £8.53m £0.06 -2.16% ico_glass.png
1535967898_shanta.jpg Shanta Gold Limited AIM £41.83m £0.05 1.70% ico_glass.png
Eurasia-logo.png Eurasia Mining plc AIM £12.65m £0.01 -3.81% ico_glass.png
1506506734_OR.png Oracle Power Plc AIM £5.14m £0.00 0.00% ico_glass.png
paf.gif Pan African Resources plc AIM £1.76m £0.09 1.09% ico_glass.png
1617-0291-lionsgold-logo-gold-green.jpg Lionsgold AIM £14.96m £0.03 0.00% ico_glass.png
caledonia-logo.png Caledonia Mining Corporation AIM £48.14m £4.49 -0.22% ico_glass.png
Galileo-logo.png Galileo Resources PLC AIM £2.22m £0.01 -1.37% ico_glass.png
ecr.png ECR Minerals PLC AIM £3.80m £0.01 7.88% ico_glass.png
savanah_resources.png Savannah Resources PLC AIM £46.63m £0.05 2.72% ico_glass.png
Ariana-Resources-logo.png Ariana Resources PLC AIM £17.48m £0.02 1.54% ico_glass.png
au_thr120x60.jpg Thor Mining PLC AIM £9.07m £0.01 -6.30% ico_glass.png
1515079663_JLP_logo_white_520x210_Dec2017.gif Jubilee Metals Group AIM £33.13m £0.02 0.21% ico_glass.png
2017-01-18_1133.png Ironridge Resources Ltd AIM £60.23m £0.19 3.97% ico_glass.png
vast.jpg Vast Resources PLC AIM £18.06m £0.00 -0.65% ico_glass.png
1530001990_rockfire.jpg Rockfire Resources PLC AIM £4.11m £0.01 -4.35% ico_glass.png
1529403364_europa.jpg Europa Metals Limited AIM £2.01m £0.00 -4.00% ico_glass.png
1539609373_Rambler_Metals_and_Mining_PLC.png Rambler Metals and Mining PLC AIM £14.50m £0.02 -4.35% ico_glass.png
1543484081_wres-logo.png W Resources PLC AIM £29.21m £0.01 1.00% ico_glass.png
1522068144_bacanora-li.jpg Bacanora Lithium Ltd AIM £33.38m £0.25 -2.43% ico_glass.png
BLUEJAY.png BlueJay Mining PLC AIM £117.30m £0.14 -1.08% ico_glass.png
1521115455_Erris-Logo-(002).png Erris Resources PLC AIM £2.42m £0.08 -6.87% ico_glass.png
1529404818_salt-lake.jpg Salt Lake Potash Ltd AIM £48.47m £0.24 0.00% ico_glass.png
European-Metals.jpg European Metals Holdings AIM £29.33m £0.20 25.00% ico_glass.png

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