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Mining Capital
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Name Market Market Cap Share Price Daily Share Movement
African-potash-logo.png African Potash Ltd NEX £- £- - ico_glass.png
alecto-logo.png Alecto Minerals PLC AIM £3.49m £0.00 0.00% ico_glass.png
Amur-logo.png Amur Minerals Corporation AIM £46.85m £0.08 -2.36% ico_glass.png
anglesey-mining.png Anglesey Mining plc LSE £8.20m £0.05 -5.00% ico_glass.png
anglo-asian-mining-logo.png Anglo Asian Mining Plc AIM £22.53m £0.20 -4.76% ico_glass.png
Anglo.png Anglo Pacific Group plc AIM £208.49m £1.15 -2.74% ico_glass.png
Arian-silver-logo.png Arian Silver Corp AIM £0.28m £0.01 3.13% ico_glass.png
Ariana-Resources-logo.png Ariana Resources plc AIM £15.57m £0.02 -5.13% ico_glass.png
asa-2.png Asa Resource Group PLC AIM £32.15m £0.02 -2.56% ico_glass.png
siamet-logo.png Asiamet Resources AIM £24.30m £0.04 -1.27% ico_glass.png
Atlantic-Coal-2.fw.png Atlantic Carbon Group AIM £- £- - ico_glass.png
ave.png Avesoro Resources AIM £145.10m £0.03 0.00% ico_glass.png
Bacanora.png Bacanora Minerals Ltd AIM £89.75m £0.81 0.00% ico_glass.png
base-res-logo.jpg Base Resources AIM £131.75m £0.18 -1.39% ico_glass.png
Berkeley.png Berkeley Energia AIM £134.88m £0.53 0.00% ico_glass.png
Bezant-logo.png Bezant Resources plc AIM £2.36m £0.01 0.00% ico_glass.png
Breedon_57e107dbd32f7.png Breedon Group AIM £1,125.33m £0.80 -0.31% ico_glass.png
Bushveld-logo.png Bushveld Minerals Limited AIM £53.59m £0.08 19.05% ico_glass.png
cADENCE_58d8cd71b358a.png Cadence AIM £39.67m £0.01 -0.97% ico_glass.png
caledonia-logo.png Caledonia Mining Corporation AIM £60.28m £1.15 0.00% ico_glass.png
capdrill-logo-v1-stacked-blue-rgb-high-res.fw.png Capital Drilling Ltd LSE £71.50m £0.53 -5.36% ico_glass.png
chaaarat-logo.png Chaarat Gold Holdings Ltd AIM £69.04m £0.20 -0.63% ico_glass.png
china-logo.png CHINA NONFERROUS GOLD LIMITED ORD USD0.0001 (DI) AIM £105.16m £0.28 1.38% ico_glass.png
condor-gold-logo.png Condor Gold PLC AIM £41.73m £0.68 0.00% ico_glass.png
Diamondcorp-Logo.png Diamondcorp Plc AIM £9.81m £0.02 0.00% ico_glass.png
ecr.png ECR Minerals PLC AIM £2.85m £0.02 -2.33% ico_glass.png
Eurasia-logo.png Eurasia Mining plc AIM £8.02m £0.01 0.00% ico_glass.png
European-Metals.jpg European Metals Holdings Ltd AIM £96.29m £0.74 8.64% ico_glass.png
ferrum_crescent_logo.png Ferrum Crescent Limited AIM £3.33m £0.00 -3.13% ico_glass.png
Fox-logo.png Fox Marble Holdings PLC AIM £14.42m £0.10 1.32% ico_glass.png
Galantas-logo.png Galantas Gold Corp AIM £10.51m £0.08 0.00% ico_glass.png
Galileo-logo.png Galileo Resources PLC AIM £10.77m £0.06 -10.20% ico_glass.png
Gemfields-logo.png Gemfields PLC AIM £243.24m £0.44 -1.12% ico_glass.png
Golden-logo.png Golden Saint Resources Ltd AIM £1.75m £0.00 0.00% ico_glass.png
goldplat-logo.png Goldplat plc AIM £13.19m £0.08 0.00% ico_glass.png
greatland-gold-logo-2.png Greatland Gold AIM £5.69m £0.00 -5.97% ico_glass.png
harvest-logo.jpg Harvest Minerals Ltd. AIM £11.80m £0.10 -3.57% ico_glass.png
horizonte.png Horizonte Minerals Plc AIM £32.23m £0.03 0.00% ico_glass.png
hummingbirdshadow.gif Hummingbird Resources Ltd LSE £90.10m £0.26 0.96% ico_glass.png
International-ferro-logo.png International Ferro Metals Limited LSE £4.99m £0.01 7.14% ico_glass.png

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